In Memory of Gordon Leroy Currier Jr.

212TH Sentry Dog Company

Born on January 24, 1946 in INDEPENDENCE, MO.
In the Army he served as a 95B10 (Military Policeman).
Special MOS designation P5 (Sentry Dog Handler).
In 1 year of service, he attained the rank of PFC/E3.

On January 31, 1968, at the age of 22, GORDON LEROY CURRIER JR
perished in the service of our country in Bien Hoa, South Vietnam.

Personal Synopsis:

These are personal observations by fellow dog handlers, about events that happened In Country.

"I am sure you know about G. Currier. He was killed during TET, while I was in country. The story was told that rather than run or hide he had tied his dog to the ladder of a guard tower and climbed up to assist. God Bless him and we will always keep him in our prayers".

212th Sentry Dogs 67'/68'

Official Synopsis:

--- General / Personal ---

Last name: CURRIER
Home of Record (official): INDEPENDENCE
State (official): MO
Date of Birth: Thursday, January 24, 1946
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Marital Status: Single

--- Military ---

Branch: Army
Rank: PFC
Serial Number: 55986184
Component: Selective Service
Pay grade: E3
MOS (Military Occupational Specialty code): 95B10

--- Action ---

Start of Tour: Wednesday, December 6, 1967
Date of Casualty: Wednesday, January 31, 1968
Age at time of loss: 22
Casualty type: (A3) Hostile, died while missing
Reason: Gun, small arms fire (Ground casualty)
Country: South VietNam
Province: Bien Hoa
The Wall: Panel 36E - Row 004

Wall Rubbing - courtesy of Regis Mulkerin

"The Wall" name rubbing - Courtesy of Regis Mulkerin 212th 67'/68'

This is a small photo essay of Gordon Lee Currier. All photo's are donated for our use by Joe Currier, Gordon's brother. Our prayers and thanks go out to Joe and the Currier Family, for there generousity, understanding, and cooperation with the SD Alumni...

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High School photo. Gordon with Fritz. Ready in Gear.
Gordon with Satch. Gordon with friends. Final resting place.