To the Protesters   

We see you on the nightly news,
Marching in the streets-
Voices raised, fist upturned
All in the name of peace,

You profess to know whats right,
but you haven't got a clue
You're disrespecting the very folks
Who've been protecting you

This is how you say "thanks"?
You all should be ashamed
How is it that you sleep at night
What is it that you've gained?

Why is it that you're safe right now
And free to speak you're mind?
Because someone fought, lives were lost
For you, time after time

War Protester, be very thankful,
A soldiers' got your back
And if you can't appreciate this
Feel free to move to Iraq

I speak for all real Americans
Sick of seeing your crap on the news
And as a real American
I'll never share your views

The next time that you protest
And decide to burn my flag
Feel free to thank a serviceman
For that right to you he gave

Protester please continue
To march and take a stand
But I want to watch you do it
Over in Iran

To all the U.S. servicemen - I want you to know this, the majority does support you. So donít listen to those twits. They do not represent me or anyone I know. Real Americans
will be with you no matter where you go

Reprinted with permission of Kathy P.

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Created on on 06/16/2003
By J.D.