~~~ Information Requested!!! ~~~

Robert's Sentry Dog was named Mike. Mike had a short tail and they nick named him "Bobtail Mike". It is possible that Robert was stationed at an detachment, outside of Long Binh.

I have been informed that Robert Grace passed away on May 22, 2002, He served with the 212th in 1972. It was verifed by his wife, Margaret.

Margaret Grace is seeking to talk with anyone who served with Robert or has information, or photos of him, while he was stationed in Vietnam. I have had several conversations with Margaret, and she would like any information, no matter her small or trivial it seems. She is in the process of trying to obtain information from the Military Records Division, and it is a slow process. but lacks the details of his time in country.

Anyone who has any information, can contact Margaret at:

          (256) 268-9711

This is an Alabama Area Code. If this creates a hardship on anyone with information, you can send an e-mail to:  puppypusher@att.net

with info, and it will be forwarded to Margaret, thru the webmaster.

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Last Updated on 09/15/2012
By Gary Smith