Day in Peoria unveiled War Dog sculpture.

      On May 31st, a tribute was held in Peoria Ill. The ceremony took place at the Wildlife Praire State Park in Peoria. Thanks to the generosity of William Rutherford and his late wife "Hazel", and their family. The Wildlife Praire State Park has a statue of a Military Policeman handler and a dog. The ceremony honored all dog handlers, from all branches of the service.

The gentleman responsible for the Statue, is the park's owner, "Bill Rutherford", who was on hand before and after the ceremony. He is an amazing man. We would like to thank Mr. Rutherford for his generousity, and sincereness to the recoqnition of all military soliders, regardless of their branch or duties. The following Photo's were taken at the ceremony.

Peoria Statue Dedication



Terry Cremer

Dave Keeton

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Gallery 3

Veiled Statue



Color Guard


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Created on 04/21/2003
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